Free Range Eggs – Not What You Think They Are


The world of industrial animal agriculture has progressed exponentially over the past 100 years. Today, meat consumption has become synonymous with being “American,” and many people do not consider a meal without some form of animal protein as being “complete.” But, despite the ubiquity of meat, eggs and dairy in the U.S. not many people understand how animals in the agriculture industry are raised, slaughtered and delivered to their local grocery stores. The reality of … MORE

The Truth About Pig Factory Farming

Credit:  PETA

Although it is not common knowledge, pigs are highly intelligent creatures. They are affectionate, protective of their young, playful social animals and they suffer greatly from the factory farming system.  Studies show us that pigs have a long memory and have the ability to focus on specific tasks even better than some primates. Of course such knowledge would not be in the interest of the meat industry which would not wish people to know they … MORE