Fatigue, Migraines Linked to Fracking as Case Builds for National Ban

'It is abundantly clear that fracking is harming people, and the only solution is to stop fracking' by Deirdre Fulton, staff ...
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Nicholas A. TonelliKunkletown

Nestlé Just Suffered a Major Defeat as Community Blocks Water Privatization

 Hydrogeologist and spokesperson for Nestlé Waters North America, Eric Andreus, announced at a monthly township meeting in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, last ...
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This New Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Power Itself, And Handle Its Own Waste

 Adele Peters If you live inside one of the houses in a new neighborhood being built in an Amsterdam suburb, your ...
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Ron Finley, “Guerilla Urban Gardener”

Ron Finley is a brilliant, inspiring, hands-on visionary who is unleashing the transformative power of "guerilla gardening" on the residents ...
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Nicholas A. TonelliKunkletown

Nestle Is Trying to Break Us: A Pennsylvania Town Fights Predatory Water Extraction

Big corporations privatizing clean water to make a profit is stealing a human right. BY ALEXIS BONOGOFSKY Kunkletown, Pennsylvania. (Photo: Flickr/ CC ...
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DIY All Natural Purpose Spray Cleaner Without Toxic Chemicals

Why make your own non-toxic All Purpose Cleaner?  The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization focused on environment and public ...
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Wikkel House – A House for You

A special little house, made out of cardboard. Sustainably built to last. And suit all your needs. Wikkelhouse, a house for ...
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10 Reasons Why EarthShips Are Freakin’ Awesome!

Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. They offer amenities like ...
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$300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-round, Even in Severe Climates

With staggering food prices and shortages looming, there's no better time to grow your own produce. Sadly, most greenhouses are ...
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Non-Toxic Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

Getting Rid of Toxic Chemicals in Your Home Have you been thinking about getting rid of toxic chemicals in your home? ...
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