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Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.

~ Buddha

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8 Year Old Child Bride Dies on Wedding Night

An eight year-old child bride died in Yemen on her wedding night after suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma ...
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Raif Badawi, Activist, Humanitarian & Free Thinker

Raif Badawi, born 13th january 1984, is a Saudi Arabian writer and activist and the creator of the website Free ...
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Photo credit:  BBC

Wonderful World with David Attenborough

Sir David at his very best - To honor the 85-year-old national treasure who just concluded narrating his final series ...
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Woman meditating on beach at sunrise

Can you think yourself into a different person?

We used to believe our brains couldn’t be changed. Now we believe they can – if we want it enough ...
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