Introducing Gi FlyBike: All-in-One Folding Electric Smart Bike Built for Urban Commuting

Fotos 15-09-2015-19 (1)“When I head into the future in my magical time machine, I’m going to want to bring a few things with me. One of those things is the Gi Bike.” -TechCrunch

It’s no secret that bicycles are one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to commute throughout cities around the world. But while cities have been updated and riders attitudes have changed, there has not been a significant evolution in bicycling technology that satisfies the needs of the modern day rider. Biking is no longer just a leisure activity, it’s a better way to get around.

Meet Gi FlyBike, built in the pursuit of one big idea — to revolutionize and transform urban commuting around the world by challenging every aspect of traditional bike design.

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Gi FlyBike folds in one second

Gi FlyBike is an instantly foldable, electric bike created for the future. Crafted from ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, it is designed to be taken anywhere — bus or train, or into an office, elevator, or locker — without taking up much space.

But not only is Gi FlyBike smartly designed, its list of practically endless features that, according to CNET, “give riders almost everything they might need while out on a bike ride.” A sampling of these features include: electric assistance that will propel riders up hills and go 40 miles on one charge, a GPS tracking system, iOS or Android sync that turns any smartphone into a full view navigation system, a smart lock anti-theft system that not only secures the bike remotely and allows for sharing, anti puncture tires. It will also charge smartphones with a conveniently located USB port between the two bike handles.

The Story

The idea behind FlyBike was born in Argentina after a national strike paralyzed public transportation throughout the country. FlyBike’s founders saw the crucial need to not have to rely on public transportation and knew there had to be a better way for commuters to regain independence.

After researching countless other means of transportation the team realized that the bicycle is still the best way to get around any city throughout the world. But it hadn’t truly been updated for modern day commuting.

Gi FlyBike aims to reignite the modernization of bike technology by giving daily commuters an all-in-one bicycle that fulfills their tech savvy needs, adapts to their cities, and promotes a greener and better world.

The Features

featuresElectric ‘Flight’ Assistance: Gi FlyBike is an electric bike. That means that each time you pedal you will be assisted by a smart electric engine that makes your commute easy.

Whether travelling up-hill or on some difficult terrain you will always remain in motion.

Unique FlyFolding System: While there are many folding bicycles, not a single one folds as fast or as easily as FlyBike. Fold the FlyBike in just one second and in a single, simple motion. The bike’s design allows you to ready the bike both for storage and for use without exerting energy or wasting time. Additionally, FlyBike, unlike its competitors, has normal, 26” wheels – comfortable, secure and devoid of any clown-like qualities.

Smart Phone Charger: Gi FlyBike’s pedals will not only take you where you need to go, but the energy produced from your pedaling is reused to charge your phone.

FlyBike Brain: Gi FlyBike is as smart as any phone. Sync it with your smartphone by attaching it to the bike’s smartphone panel. Now you can ride with a full-view navigation system. Gi FlyBike App will help you get to exactly where you need to be by showing you the most efficient bicycle route possible. The app is designed in a way that considers the visibility of the rider so that its route selection does not sacrifice your comfortable upright riding position. Smart, huh?

Smart Locking System and Sharing Program: Mount your bike. Go to your office.

Fold the bike (in a single second) for storage. Leave it wherever you want. Seriously, walk away and leave it. Your Gi FlyBike will lock automatically once you are five meters from the folded bike. Gi FlyBike App detects the distance and does the job for you. Say goodbye to bike locks… Since Gi FlyBike is awesome everyone is going to ask you the same question: “Can I try it?” If you are a generous human being (which we are sure you are), then know that there is a safe way to share your FlyBike. Just use your App to send your friend an exclusive unlocking code. The code ensures that that person, and only that person, can use the bike. Disclaimer: make sure you trust that friend, because they might never give it back.

Anti Puncture Tires and Non-Grease Belt Drive: Hands down one of the most frustrating parts of being a cyclist are the flat tires. It might not happen often, but when it does, that flat always seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Gi FlyBikeb has solid tires. Soft enough for the ride, hard enough not to give out to any silly little sharp thing on the road. Moreover, Gi FlyBike is neat, clean and smart and you should be too. There is not a single drop of oil or grease on the bike. The belt is made from carbon, so it doesn’t need a lubricant. You’ll have to find another reason to visit your beloved cleaner because your bike will never get you dirty.


black background small white logoThe bikes will be priced at $1990 for early adopters. Pre sale orders are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2016.

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