The New Treadmill Bicycle – A Whole New Way to Travel!


Lopifit started as a small idea when Bruin Bergmeester, the founder of the Lopifit, was exercising on his cross trainer in his garage, wondering “How can I use the treadmill outdoors? Wouldn’t that be much more fun including the fact that I can enjoy nature? What about a treadmill on wheels?” Bruin worked for years to get it right, on what is now called the Lopifit. A unique product that gained worldwide attention from the … MORE

Volkswagen’s People’s Car Project – Hover Car of the Future?


The days of the hovercraft are upon us. As Google’s self-driving cars prepare to roll out onto the streets of Nevada, Volkswagen one-ups everyone with its concept design for a hover car. The Volkswagen hover car is a product of the “People’s Car Project“ in China, which called upon customers to contribute design ideas for Volkswagen’s model of the future. The crowd-sourcing initiative debuted in China last year and, to date, has inspired 33 million website … MORE

Introducing Gi FlyBike: All-in-One Folding Electric Smart Bike Built for Urban Commuting

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“When I head into the future in my magical time machine, I’m going to want to bring a few things with me. One of those things is the Gi Bike.” -TechCrunch It’s no secret that bicycles are one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to commute throughout cities around the world. But while cities have been updated and riders attitudes have changed, there has not been a significant evolution in bicycling technology that satisfies the needs of the modern … MORE