Amy Goodman on Democracy Now: How the Media Ruins Elections

Democracy Now! host and award-winning journalist Amy Goodman shredded the corporate media for the role they have played in what Goodman refers to as the creation of “Trump-land.”

Goodman’s evisceration of the media’s vapid election coverage came in the form of a three-minute video spot for Aljazeera’s millennial-focused media project, AJ+. In the video, Goodman points towards the findings in the 2015 Tyndall Report, which found that ABC World News Tonight gave Donald Trump 81 minutes of media coverage for every one minute of coverage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Across all major news networks, Sanders has received 10 minutes’ worth of media coverage compared to Trump’s equivalent total network coverage of 234 minutes. As damning as that figure is for the corporate media, it gets worse when considering Sanders’ record-shattering accomplishments.

Goodman mentions one of Sanders’ accomplishments that is particularly relevant in an era where corporate money largely controls elections.

“In March, he [Sanders] raised something like $44 million dollars. Hillary Clinton raised 29-and-change million dollars. $44 million dollars. That hasn’t been done before. You break every record and there’s a blip in the corporate media radar screen. It just shows how astounding it would be if he got anything near the coverage of the other candidates.”

Keep in mind – the vast majority of that cash was raised by small donations from his supporters, which is a feat that would have seemed impossible before the primary election started. Sanders has, for the most part, modeled his campaign funding after Eugene Debs’ multiple presidential campaign runs at the beginning of the 20th Century. During those runs, Debs only took small campaign contributions from the working class. Using the digital tools of the modern age, Sanders has proven that the same model can be used effectively to run massive campaigns free from corporate influence. Furthermore, the model can be scaled to fit any campaign at any level.

That means that not only has Sanders shattered historical records, but his campaign has completely changed the way political campaigns operate in the future. Given his accomplishments, his call for a political revolution should not be disregarded by the left – nor the right for that matter.

It isn’t surprising that the corporate media would wish to shy away from these realities. The system that has led to their dominance as super predators in the media environment is the one that secures their hegemony.

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